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Day 32 – March 31, 2010

Sorry. I’m going to do it. I’m going to complain in this post. Today has been the worst day of my pregnancy so far. As I was getting into my car this morning, I had a sudden urge to puke. It literally came from no where. I’m kind of a loud puker, and if I would have stayed outside, my neighbors probably would have thought someone was being beaten, so I decided to try to make it inside. I unlocked my front door (have you ever done this while fighting back a ralph session? So not cool.) and thanks be to God, made it to the bathroom in time! Luckily, the session only lasted for about five minutes. I was hoping that since it didn’t last long, the blood vessels in my face wouldn’t bust (they normally do this). Unfortunately they did, however. In fact, they are worse today, than they have ever been after a ralph session. It looks like I have a giant rash all over my face. I’ve been feeling self-conscious about it all day. Anytime I talk to someone at the office, I feel like they are staring at it. I am actually skipping class tonight partly because of it (I’m also skipping because I still feel sick). Ugh. I’m just down today. I know the hormones are to blame and they are probably causing me to overreact about my face, but whatevs. I just want to be at home with my Benji. I’m hoping for a better tomorrow.

I didn’t have time to update about this yesterday, but I did get some good news while at the doctor’s office yesterday. Since I’m already overweight, I’m only supposed to gain about 15 pounds during my entire pregnancy (I’ve even read some articles saying I shouldn’t gain anything in the first trimester). Well, a couple of weeks ago, I weighed at my grandfather’s house and the scale said that I had already gained five pounds! I wasn’t sure how this was possible. While I certainly have not been dieting while pregnant, I have been trying to watch what I eat and I’ve also been drinking a buttload of water! My biggest fear before getting pregnant was that I would just gain weight uncontrollably, so when the scale said I had gained five pounds, I got worried! Well, thankfully, when I was weighed yesterday, I found out that I am exactly the same weight that I was before finding out that I was pregnant! This made me happy! Apparently, the scale at my grandfather’s is off…way off!

Day 31 – March 30, 2010

Today was great. I had my first ultrasound…FINALLY!! Here are some pictures from it:

I didn’t enjoy the ultrasound as much as I thought I would. Why, you ask? Well…here’s the story: when I got to work this morning, my coworker told me that I was going to have to pee in a cup before the ultrasound (YAY!). I was worried about not being able to pee, so I downed about 20+ ounces of water. Well…my appt. was supposed to be at 9:30. When I got there, I already had to pee…BAD!!! They didn’t take me back until about 10AM. The lady informed me that she was going to do my ultrasound first. I freaked out I tiny bit and I asked her if I could pee first, but she wouldn’t let me!!!!  Apparently, if your bladder is full for the ultrasound, you get a better picture. So…during the whole ultrasound, I was miserable because she kept pushing on my belly and I felt like I was going to wet myself HAHA.

I recorded the baby’s heartbeat on my phone, so after the ultrasound was over, Benji and I took turns listening to it. I did get a little emotional at one point. Hearing that sweet heartbeat was a bit overwhelming for me! There’s really a baby growing inside of me! It’s just so much more real now that I’ve seen and heard it. Crazy. I don’t really know how you can love something so small so much, but seriously…the love I have for my child already is indescribable. I can hardly imagine what it will be like when I finally get to hold him/her!

Day 30 – March 29, 2010

Well…today was nice. I spent it working, but I felt awesome so it was a great day in my book! I’m happy that I was relieved of the nausea for a day. I don’t really have anything else to talk about other than my ultrasound tomorrow and I know you are all tired of hearing about that so I’ll shut up…until tomorrow 🙂

Day 29 – March 28, 2010

One month ago today, Benji and I found out we were having a baby martian. I thought this month would drag by, but surprisingly, it really hasn’t. We are now just two days away from the ultrasound. I know people are probably so sick of hearing me say this, but I am WAY WAY excited!

Updating the blog on the weekends is no fun! Benji and I do not have Internet at home so I have to type everything up on my iPhone. It’s just kind of a hassle. Today has been sort of terrible…I’ll just be honest. I woke up feeling sick, ended up not being able to eat bfast because I was feeling so nasty, and then had to go to church feeling queasy. I was pretty upset at the thought of working in the kid’s ministry while I was feeling the way I was. The Lord is good though! My nausea went away, for the most part, while I was helping out in the kids area. It did return just before lunch though which was kind of a bummer. It ended up going away completely later on in the afternoon. I’m hoping for a better tomorrow, but even if I do end up sick, I’ll be happy to know our bean is growing!

Days 27 & 28 – March 27, 2010

Forgot to post again yesterday and I’m cutting it close today. I’m a slacker. Yesterday I felt okay for most of the day, but last night I got a killer headache and ended up going to bed at nine. I totally got 12 hours of sleep! Today has been pretty awesome! I’ve felt great all day, but now I’m grumpy and just want my bed…so that’s it. Awesome update, huh?

Day 26 – March 25, 2010

Ahh…I’ve been tired all day. Ridiculously tired. I forgot to update earlier so I’m updating now. It’s torture because I just want my head to hit the pillow. Okay, this is just going to have to be a really short one…bye bye! ….Zzzzzzzzzz….

Day 25 – March 24, 2010

So I started my day off by going to Waffle House with Rob & Benji. This did wonders for my stomach (I hope you can pick up on that sarcasm). Yeah…Waffle House isn’t such a great idea when you’re hanging with the nausea. By the time I got to work, I was sitting at my desk quietly praying “please don’t throw up, please don’t throw up.” Luckily, I didn’t puke.  I have a pretty big fear of upchucking while on the clock. I just don’t know how that would work. My office is kind of far from the bathroom so if that moment came, I’d have to take off running while holding my hand over my mouth, and hope to make it to the bathroom in time – either that or puke in my trashcan.  With my luck, my father-in-law would be in my office right at the moment of truth so I’d rather just avoid both of those scenarios. Ekkkk.

Can you tell I’ve thought about this before?

Day 24 – March 23, 2010

I am eight weeks today and the baby is the size of a kidney bean:

I know I said this yesterday, but I am SO ready for next Tuesday to get here! I’m really really excited about hearing the heartbeat. I’m not going to update on how I’ve felt today, because it’d be borderline complaining…and I don’t want to complain 🙂 I’ve been in a sour funk mood all day.

Day 23 – March 22, 2010

I don’t have much to update about today. Physically, I have felt great! I did have a class this morning  at the Women’s Pavilion in Northport. It wasn’t really anything special. The main focus was to educate all the new moms on insurance and the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy. I didn’t really learn anything new besides the fact the a 4D ultrasound is not covered by insurance and it costs $125. I’m just dying for next Tuesday to get here. I am so ready to hear my baby’s heartbeat, I can hardly stand it! Hopefully this week won’t go by too slowly.

Day 21 & 22 – March 21, 2010

So I forgot to post yesterday…oops. In my defense, I spent the morning wrapped around the toilet, fenced in my yard (actually I just watched it get fenced in haha) and went to Bham for a baby shower. It was a busy day and I wasn’t feeling all that great. Today I would like to update about my face. That’s right…my face. Is the goal of pregnancy to make you as unattractive as possible? I feel like it is at the moment. I have acne all over my face. I’m not bragging, but I never have acne…I just don’t. I have a cold sore the size of Texas on my lip. And lastly, after the vomit-fest yesterday, I have busted blood vessels all over my face. It’s just crazy. All this, along the bloating, just makes me feel gross. Don’t worry, I’m not complaining…just documenting (that’s what im going to call it…documenting)! I’m just happy that God is allowing me to experience this…bloating, acne, vomit and all! It’s a blessing!!