Day 1 – February 28, 2010

Benji and I both felt like this was going to be our month. Turns out we were right. I started spotting on Tuesday. Since I was fully expecting to be pregnant this month, I was very disappointed when I began to spot on Tuesday. However, five days went by without me ever starting my period. I didn’t think anything of it until tonight when I realized I had also been feeling sick for the past three days. I decided to take a pregnancy test just to make sure I wasn’t pregnant. I was expecting it to be negative. I’m still not really sure why I took it, actually, because I just knew it was going to be negative. To my total shock, it came out positive. All I could do was sit there and stare at it. I started shaking. Tears began to form in my eyes, but I pulled it together before they could run down my cheeks. I didn’t have the words to tell Benji so I just showed him. He did a double take. After a few minutes of me freaking out and him trying to calm me, we decided to go to Medcenter for confirmation (blood pregnancy test). We received it. I am four (almost five) weeks pregnant and I can hardly believe it. I cannot wait to meet our child. This is such a wonderful gift from God!!!


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