Day 3 -March 2, 2010

Well, today I am five weeks. says that our little one is the size of a sesame seed right now. According to most sources, you should wait until you’re 12 weeks to tell everyone. I ended up spilling the beans last night via Facebook…opps. I don’t regret it in the slightest!

Tomorrow I have to go get another blood test done. This will be my third since Sunday. The first was to make sure I didn’t have the O- blood type. Luckily, I am O+ so I don’t have to worry about my body seeing the baby as a foreign invader and attacking it (sounds scary doesn’t it?? I thought so too!). Yesterday, my OBGYN asked that I come in and have another blood test done. Since I had been spotting, they wanted to test my hcg levels just to make sure everything was normal. I have to get it done again tomorrow just so they can compare the two numbers to make sure my hormones are rising appropriately. Yesterday my hcg level was at 373. Here’s to hoping my levels have risen when I get the test done again tomorrow 🙂

Today I’m feeling pretty good. I went to bed sick last night and woke up sick at about six this morning. I went to use the bathroom and while I was up, I felt pretty gross. I went back to sleep until seven, and when I got up that time, I felt much better. Other than that, I’ve just been experiencing some fatigue today. Still can’t really believe this is happening to me!


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