Day 9 – March 8, 2010

Last night I had another crazy dream. I was at some resort near the Canadian border and a giant snake was chasing me through the halls. When I say giant…I mean giant. The snake’s body filled up the entire hallway. I kept trying to tell people that this snake was going to reproduce and make more monster snakes, but no one listened until it was too late. I was hiding in a closet when I woke up.


My mom told me that she had crazy dreams when she was pregnant too. She said they lasted until her 3rd or 4th month. I don’t really mind the crazy dreams so much. I kind of like them…once I’m awake.

One side effect of pregnancy I’m not really digging all that much? Heartburn!!!! It’s terrible. I’m eating tums like they’re candy. So far it’s helping…slightly 🙂


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