Day 13 – March 12, 2010

I’m really excited to see Benji as a father. I’ve always known he would be a great dad. If you saw him interact with his little sisters, or any child for that matter, you would think the same thing. Benji is a kid magnet. I’ve always loved that about him. Anytime we go visit my family in Gordo, the kids are all over him. Someone usually ends up scolding the kids, or telling them to leave Benji alone for a minute, but Benji doesn’t mind. He’s just so loving. It’s quite cute.

To my surprise, he has been keeping up with the baby’s development. I say “to my surprise” because I just always assumed that I would be the one informing him of the new developments. Boy was I wrong!  There are times that I think he may even know more than I do about it. The other night he informed me that this week, our child will begin to grow its ears, nose and mouth. While I already knew this, I thought it was so adorable that he had researched it on his own. He asked me when he should start reading to him/her. I got so excited about him wanting to read to the baby, that I decided to go ahead and have him read that night, even though the baby won’t be able to hear us until the second trimester. Maybe it’s pointless to have him reading The Princess and Curdie to our little lentil bean, but I don’t care…I’m soaking it up. It’s the sweetest thing. There is no doubt that this child is going to have Benji wrapped around his/her little finger.


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