Day 21 & 22 – March 21, 2010

So I forgot to post yesterday…oops. In my defense, I spent the morning wrapped around the toilet, fenced in my yard (actually I just watched it get fenced in haha) and went to Bham for a baby shower. It was a busy day and I wasn’t feeling all that great. Today I would like to update about my face. That’s right…my face. Is the goal of pregnancy to make you as unattractive as possible? I feel like it is at the moment. I have acne all over my face. I’m not bragging, but I never have acne…I just don’t. I have a cold sore the size of Texas on my lip. And lastly, after the vomit-fest yesterday, I have busted blood vessels all over my face. It’s just crazy. All this, along the bloating, just makes me feel gross. Don’t worry, I’m not complaining…just documenting (that’s what im going to call it…documenting)! I’m just happy that God is allowing me to experience this…bloating, acne, vomit and all! It’s a blessing!!

One thought on “Day 21 & 22 – March 21, 2010

  1. K. Adams says:

    Ashley . . . keep trying to see it as a blessing. At least this is one time when all those gross, annoying, frustrating things actually lead to something extremely worthwhile . . . then you get to experience new and exciting gross, annoying, frustrating (yet also amazing) things!!! Isn’t parenthood great 😉

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