Day 25 – March 24, 2010

So I started my day off by going to Waffle House with Rob & Benji. This did wonders for my stomach (I hope you can pick up on that sarcasm). Yeah…Waffle House isn’t such a great idea when you’re hanging with the nausea. By the time I got to work, I was sitting at my desk quietly praying “please don’t throw up, please don’t throw up.” Luckily, I didn’t puke.  I have a pretty big fear of upchucking while on the clock. I just don’t know how that would work. My office is kind of far from the bathroom so if that moment came, I’d have to take off running while holding my hand over my mouth, and hope to make it to the bathroom in time – either that or puke in my trashcan.  With my luck, my father-in-law would be in my office right at the moment of truth so I’d rather just avoid both of those scenarios. Ekkkk.

Can you tell I’ve thought about this before?

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