Day 29 – March 28, 2010

One month ago today, Benji and I found out we were having a baby martian. I thought this month would drag by, but surprisingly, it really hasn’t. We are now just two days away from the ultrasound. I know people are probably so sick of hearing me say this, but I am WAY WAY excited!

Updating the blog on the weekends is no fun! Benji and I do not have Internet at home so I have to type everything up on my iPhone. It’s just kind of a hassle. Today has been sort of terrible…I’ll just be honest. I woke up feeling sick, ended up not being able to eat bfast because I was feeling so nasty, and then had to go to church feeling queasy. I was pretty upset at the thought of working in the kid’s ministry while I was feeling the way I was. The Lord is good though! My nausea went away, for the most part, while I was helping out in the kids area. It did return just before lunch though which was kind of a bummer. It ended up going away completely later on in the afternoon. I’m hoping for a better tomorrow, but even if I do end up sick, I’ll be happy to know our bean is growing!

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