Day 31 – March 30, 2010

Today was great. I had my first ultrasound…FINALLY!! Here are some pictures from it:

I didn’t enjoy the ultrasound as much as I thought I would. Why, you ask? Well…here’s the story: when I got to work this morning, my coworker told me that I was going to have to pee in a cup before the ultrasound (YAY!). I was worried about not being able to pee, so I downed about 20+ ounces of water. Well…my appt. was supposed to be at 9:30. When I got there, I already had to pee…BAD!!! They didn’t take me back until about 10AM. The lady informed me that she was going to do my ultrasound first. I freaked out I tiny bit and I asked her if I could pee first, but she wouldn’t let me!!!!  Apparently, if your bladder is full for the ultrasound, you get a better picture. So…during the whole ultrasound, I was miserable because she kept pushing on my belly and I felt like I was going to wet myself HAHA.

I recorded the baby’s heartbeat on my phone, so after the ultrasound was over, Benji and I took turns listening to it. I did get a little emotional at one point. Hearing that sweet heartbeat was a bit overwhelming for me! There’s really a baby growing inside of me! It’s just so much more real now that I’ve seen and heard it. Crazy. I don’t really know how you can love something so small so much, but seriously…the love I have for my child already is indescribable. I can hardly imagine what it will be like when I finally get to hold him/her!

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