Days 42, 43 & 44 – April 12, 2010

Okay…first of all, I DID update yesterday. I didn’t want to because I was tired, but I decided to do it anyways. I wrote 3-4 paragraphs (on my phone!!!), which is a lot considering the fact that I was ready for bed, and then WordPress did the worst thing it could have done to me – it deleted my post! I was so frustrated when it happened I just couldn’t go through writing those 3-4 paragraphs all over again. I hit the sack and decided I would give a three day update today. I just wanted you all to know that I’m not the slacker here…Wordpress is. Stupid WordPress.

Alright, now that that’s over with, I guess I’ll write about my weekend. It was heavenly. I spent Saturday with one of my dearest gal pals. We did girl things all day and it was just what I needed. The day included Jason’s Deli, pedicures, buying plants for our gardens, Summer Snow, the Arboretum, and Target. It was awesome. I did have a little oops moment at Jason’s Deli though, which had me slightly worried for the rest of the day. I ordered a turkey sandwich for lunch and about halfway through it remembered that I’m supposed to zap my deli meat before eating it. I know it’s probably not that big of a deal, it’s not like a downed a beer or something, but it still made me paranoid.

With this being my first pregnancy, I’ve been extra careful with everything. Even when it comes to something simple like taking a bath, I measure the temperature of the water just to make sure it’s not too hot. There’s so much to remember, it’s a bit overwhelming at times. Sometimes I wonder if I’m going a little overboard, but since I’m new to this, I don’t know what’s crazy to do and what’s not…so I just play it safe. You guys can tell me if I’m being crazy or not…I won’t mind. Hopefully the unzapped turkey meat will do no harm to baby Martian though.

Yesterday was so so for me. I forgot to take my Zofran Saturday afternoon, so I woke up sick yesterday morning. Most of the time, I can tell that I’m going to be sick, but not this time! It was a blessing that I just happened to be in the bathroom when it hit. I took my medicine afterward and was much improved by the time I got to church. I seriously love that stuff. It just amazes me how quickly it works. The rest of my day consisted of running errands, joining a gym, washing clothes, and then being completely lazy for the rest of the afternoon.

I don’t really have much to blog about as far as today goes, but so far it’s been nice. It’s a typical Monday. I feel pretty great. The sun is shining and I’m just wishing I could be outside.


3 thoughts on “Days 42, 43 & 44 – April 12, 2010

  1. Sarah O says:

    Girl I ate a turkey sandwich every day of my pregnancy. My doc said it was fine. Dont you worry. And I didn’t even know about water being too hot…so I wouldn’t worry about that either. Enjoy the long hot showers while you can cause pretty soon you’ll be lucky to get a 5 minutes one! I’m so glad your feeling better!

  2. Nicole says:

    I partied with my brothers in Chicago, came home to Bama, and discovered I was preggo with Jack. And you know Jack. My doc said she believes God protects our kiddos with the unknown…and when we don’t even have a clue. I think your turkey sandwich is just fine 😉
    As for baths, I suffered from restless leg with all 3 pregnancies so I disobeyed the heat rule as it was the only relief I could get.
    Everything in moderation…but I’m glad you didn’t down a beer 🙂
    What gym did you join?

    • martianbaby says:

      Me, Benji, Susanna and Stephen all joined Planet Fitness. Since I’m only taking one class this semester, I don’t have access to the REC (I think that’s crap by the way!). We wanted to get back to working out so they were awesome and joined PF with me 🙂

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