Days 56, 57 & 58 – April 26, 2010

I’ll probably be doing three day updates every Monday from here on out. Benji and I don’t have internet access from home, and since the WordPress app on my phone has been known to delete entire posts, I am afraid to use it now.  This is really just a great excuse for me to be lazy over the weekends and not update 😉

This past Saturday was marvelous. After feeling groggy all day Friday, I was able to stay in my PJs for pretty much the entire day on Saturday. It was wonderful. I honestly thought I would sleep in until 10 at least, but I ended up waking up at 7:30 that morning. I already felt  pretty darn refreshed when I woke up. After cooking breakfast, I spent most of the morning on the couch. I did leave for a little while to make a quick trip to the grocery store and library.  Although Benji was working on a paper for most of the day, we were still able to spend plenty of time together. It was a wonderful day and was just what I needed – there’s nothing more I can say about it!

Yesterday was a bit different. I was in a funk. It didn’t really hit until we were headed home after church and then all of sudden…BAM!!! The lovely prego hormones kicked in and pretty much ruined the rest of the day for me (well…not all of it, but most of it!). It’s funny to think about it today, but yesterday it wasn’t funny at all. I was a mess…crying, for no reason at all! That’s the worst kind of crying to me! It’s uncontrollable. You feel blue and you feel the need to cry, but there is no real reason to feel that way…you just do. It frustrates me because I don’t feel like Ashley when I’m like that.

Anyways, we went to a movie together to see if that would help my mood – it didn’t. On the way home, I broke down into tears. I felt so bad for Benji because I know it’s no fun to be around a mopey person, but he was wonderful about it. When we got home he just started doing everything he could to cheer me up – from hugs to a picnic on our front lawn and everything else in between. I ended up feeling better just through the realization of how absolutely blessed I am to be married to this man. He is always great to me, but yesterday was something else. He could have shut himself up in a room with a book, leaving me to walk through that mess alone, but he didn’t. Instead, he walked through it with me. It really blessed me that he did that for me.

I’ll stop being mushy now.

Today has been the typical Monday. I’m feeling normal again, in regards to my emotions – THANK YOU JESUS!! I have my next appointment on Wednesday and I’m really looking forward to hearing the baby’s heartbeat again. That’s pretty much it for now.


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