Day 60 – April 28, 2010

I started today off with a nice puke session – woo hoo! I guess there really will be some days when my medicine just doesn’t work. It’s no big deal though. This is the first time in two weeks I’ve gotten sick. I think I went two weeks without getting sick last time too. So basically…I’ve gotten sick twice in one month. I can handle that.

I had my second appointment today. It was pretty great. We got to hear the baby’s heartbeat again on the fetal doppler. I liked the lady who did it. She was really nice and explained to me what all they listen for on the doppler. She listened for a good while and put it up to my ear so that I could hear it too. After a few seconds of listening to the heartbeat, we heard another loud noise. It was like a quick bump. She laughed and told me that was the sound of the baby kicking. I thought that was pretty darn awesome! She told me that the heartbeat sounded healthy, which made me happy. I believe she said it was beating at 156 BPM.

I also found out today that I’ve only gained ONE pound since my last visit. That means that for my entire first trimester, I only gained a pound. I’m pretty proud of myself for that!

My doctor informed me today that he isn’t going to do another ultrasound on me until June. I am pretty bummed about that. The last time I went in, he told me that we could find out the sex at about 18-20 weeks. My appointments are always scheduled at the end of the month, so by my next appointment I’ll be about 18 weeks. I assumed that we would find out then, since Dr. Smith had told me 18-20 weeks at my first appointment. Nope. We will have to wait until the end of June to find out. So I’ll be about 22 weeks pregnant when I found out what I’m having. I really hate that, but I guess there isn’t much I can do about it.


One thought on “Day 60 – April 28, 2010

  1. Nicole says:

    You should be proud, that is awesome!

    And 22 weeks is a lot better…you get to see so much more with the organs and stuff. Embrace the positive…don’t worry about waiting a little longer to find out what kind of peepee the little Martian will have 😉

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