Day 68 – May 6, 2010

I did have a little pregnancy happening today, but it’s nothing I’ll be posting about here. Oh the joys of pregnancy!

In other news, I really want to come up with some specific prayers/scriptures to pray daily over our baby. Have any of you mommies out there done this? If so, any suggestions?

I started praying for this child before I was even pregnant. Since becoming pregnant, prayer has only increased in importance to me. I just feel the need to constantly pray for the little life inside of me. It’s pretty amazing to lay hands on your belly, and pray for the one growing inside your womb. Such an incredible experience.  I really do love being pregnant.


3 thoughts on “Day 68 – May 6, 2010

  1. K. Adams says:

    I prayed all the usual mommy things . . . health, beauty, knowledge of God even in the womb, safe delivery, etc. and etc. So happy you are doing the same for Baby Martin!!!

  2. Nicole says:

    Ditto to Kathryn

  3. Aww, you are precious, Ashley. You are already such a sweet Mommy.

    There is a book I saw once at Anna Kate & Co. (I think that’s the name. It’s on the left side of All Fired Up.) that had prayers for everyday that you are pregnant. It went along with your stages of pregnancy and how the baby was developing. It was really cool. So whenever the baby is suppose to be developing ears- there is a prayer to protect his little ears from all the bad things out there… you get the idea.

    I pray over and with my girls every day. I believe it is SO vital, and absolutely our strongest weapon against the enemy. I’ve always been more of a “worry wart,” and having kids magnified that. Praying keeps me calm and really gives me a peace about everything. It also keeps me from being psycho mom checking out the sex offenders page 24/7…

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