Day 73 – May 11, 2010

Fifteen weeks today. A little hard to believe. Benji and I FINALLY came up with a name for a girl that we both love. We already pretty much had our boy name picked out, but for some reason the girl name (the first name, to be specific) was just giving us trouble. We eventually said we’d wait until finding out the sex before picking out names, that way we could put the “fighting” off until then, but we ended up discussing it anyways.

I generally don’t like the names he picks out and he usually doesn’t like the ones I prefer either. I guess we both just have different tastes. What he thinks is pretty, I think is skanky, what I think is pretty, he thinks is too hippie-ish, etc. I was expecting it to be a big struggle to name a girl, but Benji came home last night and out of nowhere said “Do you like ______?” and to my surprise, I loved it. Cute, and unique! What more could you ask for? So, if we have a girl, we’ll be able to tell her that her daddy picked out her first name, and her mommy picked out her middle name. We also decided for sure to keep our baby names a secret until birth. We even shook on it, so now we have to keep our mouths shut. This is going to be tough!!


One thought on “Day 73 – May 11, 2010

  1. kristy says:

    now i want to know what it is more than ever.

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