Day 74 – May 12, 2010

My appetite has been something kind of crazy for the past week. I’m not going to lie…I’m kind of enjoying it. After two and a half months of most foods making me want to puke, it’s pretty nice to actually want to eat. The problem here is that I want  to eat EVERYTHING. When Benji and I eat dinner, I eat my food and end up sneaking a few bites off of his plate as well…and sometimes I’m STILL hungry. It’s pretty crazy. I’m sure I will have gained more than a pound by my next appointment 🙂

As for my “holding the baby names hostage” post, I just want to let everyone know the main reasons why we decided to do so. I know my family probably thinks I’m weird (my mom has already been begging me to share the names with her lol), but I do have some good reasons for not sharing the names.

My number one reason is that I do not want anyone’s opinion on our baby names. People, especially family, have a tendency to share whatever is on their mind (good or bad) when it comes to your future child’s name.  I’ve seen this happen with my friends, and we’ve also already experienced this with the names we previously had picked out for the baby.

My second reason is monogrammed stuff. I do not want a bunch of items with my baby’s name on it. It’s kind of like the pastel pink thing…I’m just not a big fan of monogrammed things. Not to mention with the names we picked out, I’m sure people would misspell something.

My third reason, and this may be stupid, but I don’t want anyone stealin’ my baby names! Growing up as one of the million and one Ashleys in Pleasant Grove was ANNOYING! In my ninth grade science class, there were SIX of us (and most of us even shared the same middle name – Nicole)! It was so frustrating. I just hated it and I’ve always desired to give my kid a name that was unique. It’s just a thing I have..


3 thoughts on “Day 74 – May 12, 2010

  1. Megg says:

    I completely understand your reason number 3!! In a history class of 12, THREE of us were named Meghan! It’s crazy. I’m impatient, but I understand! Will you share the gender with people when you find out?

    • martianbaby says:

      Oh yeah! I’ll definitely be sharing the gender. My mom would go nuts if I withheld that haha!!

  2. AMEN! I feel you! I understand this, BECAUSE, I was one of the Ashley Nicole’s!!! LOL

    I am so happy for you Ashley!

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