Day 83 – May 21, 2010

I meant to update yesterday, but things were a little tense in the online world and I forgot. My bad.

Well, I’ve officially had my first cravings of pregnancy. I wasn’t sure I’d have them, because up until now I’ve had nothing but aversions to most foods. Boy was I wrong. I love bacon these days. It started last week. I wanted a BLT. Then it developed into me wanting just straight up bacon every single day. This is what I’m like on a daily basis (just ask Benji):

Just pretend that bag of Beggin’ Strips is a package of bacon, and you’ve got a perfect picture of me and my bacon cravings.  I just want to know why I can’t crave something healthy? Why can’t I crave berries or something like that?  Seriously? I mean bacon is straight up fat and salt (although I did buy the low sodium kind…as if that made a huge difference). Oh well. I’m trying to have it in moderation…meaning not every single day. I’d hate to clog my heart during this pregnancy, but I just want some bacon.

Today I had a random craving for steak. I’m hoping that was a one time thing. Lord knows I don’t need to be craving something else that’s bad for my heart.


One thought on “Day 83 – May 21, 2010

  1. Nicole says:

    I craved BLT’s with Sweet Caroline. You can’t go wrong with those results 🙂

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