Day 94 – June 1, 2010

In two more weeks, I’ll be halfway through my pregnancy. Woo hoo! We *should* also know by then what we’re having. Hopefully baby Martian will cooperate when we go for the ultrasound.

My belly is getting bigger every day. I wasn’t really sure of it until I compared the pictures of me at 14 weeks to me at 18 weeks. My belly definitely feels bigger, but sometimes I think that maybe I’m just bloated or something. I’m glad I decided to take those pictures last month because now I know that it is indeed a baby bump forming. Baby Martian seems to be pushing everything upwards. I just feel like my baby bump is a lot higher than ones I’ve seen in the past.

I know I’m going to get much much bigger, but I honestly don’t know how. I feel redonkulously huge most days…especially after eating a meal haha


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