Day 96 – June 3, 2010

I knew early on that I would probably deal with mood swings during pregnancy. I can be a major grouch when I’m PMSing, so I figured pregnancy would be no different. In the beginning, I went ahead and told Benji that if I was in a bad mood at anytime during the next nine months, he was NOT allowed to ask me if it was because of my pregnancy hormones! If you’re a chick, you know how annoying it can be to be upset/insert any other “bad” emotion here and have a guy chalk it up to hormones. Benji’s never been bad about this, but I figured I’d go ahead and give him a heads up in order to prevent our child from becoming fatherless at some point during the pregnancy 😉

Well, my dearest husband has found a way around this request. Yesterday I was slightly grumpy. I wasn’t in a full-blown bad mood, I was just kind of blah. We were in the car heading to the mall and he just goes “Why are you being so grumpy? Is it menopause?” Oh…my…gosh…I DIED laughing! He seemed so serious in his question, but when I heard “menopause” I knew he was just being a goob. All I could do was laugh, and then he started laughing at me laughing. It definitely brightened up my mood…especially when he told me he asked if it was menopause since he’s not allowed to ask if it’s my pregnancy hormones.

He sure knows how to make me laugh. I wonder what he’ll call it when I actually am going through menopause…


One thought on “Day 96 – June 3, 2010

  1. Nicole says:

    He’ll probably refer to menopause as birthing pains 🙂

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