Day 122 – June 29, 2010

I’m a slacker. I don’t feel like blogging these days. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still as excited as ever about little Harper, I’m just usually really tired by the afternoon and don’t feel like typing/thinking about something to say. The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that I’ll regret not writing more about the prego experience later on down the road. Sucks now, but I’ll cherish it later.

I received something amazing in the mail yesterday. Jeans. I never really understood how important jeans were until I couldn’t wear mine anymore. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but before yesterday, I had lived for about a month with only one pair of cotton pants. They were very ugly, but very comfortable. I wore those pants unashamedly…sorta like the lady at Wal-mart who walks around with curlers in her hair.  She looks freaky in dem’ curlers, but she’s not ashamed. She sports them proudly. Well..that’s what I did with my pants. For me, it was sort of a rebellion against local retailers. You see, I have what people refer to as a “ba-donka-donk” butt…or a ghetto booty. That song Big Butts, was written about me. My butt is big. I’m not hatin’ on it. I actually like my butt…when I’m not looking for clothes. I usually have to buy jeans that come up to my belly button, because otherwise, my crack is hangin’ out. It’s either that, or buy two sizes bigger if I want the “hip” jeans.

Well,  shopping for maternity pants turned out to be a pain in the ass – literally. I tried on I don’t know how many pairs of pants from countless stores, but it never failed, my butt crack was hangin’ out. I began to get mad and eventually gave up. That’s when the cotton pants came into the picture. They were an easy fix. While they were ugly, they allowed me to, in a way, give the finger to JCPennys, Target, Belk, and Motherhood.

However, our love affair didn’t last for long. One bad self-esteem day and a mirror sent me begging to for some real pants. I didn’t want to order my clothes online (I HATE waiting and not being able to try them on) and I also wasn’t sure if they would have anything other than hip huggers, but I decided to look anyways. Thankfully, they had a plus size tab – halle-freakin-lujah! It didn’t take me long to find a pair I thought would fit (along with a couple of other items lol). I thought about ordering  a size up because I was still afraid my butt would hang out of them, but  after much thought, decided to order them in my normal size. They arrived yesterday, and they fit!!!!! I was so excited when I put them on…I ran around my house and did a happy dance – Benji can verify this.

So…now I have jeans, work pants and capris. I feel like I’ve won the lottery.


One thought on “Day 122 – June 29, 2010

  1. Katie says:

    Best. post. ever.

    I laughed!! Out loud! So glad you got some jeans! I know you’re happy! 🙂

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