Day 132 – July 9, 2010

I’m so looking forward to this weekend. Benji and I have nothing to do! Weekends like that are always lovely. I’m a little anxious about next week. I have my sugar test on Wednesday and everyone I’ve ever heard talk about it, complains about it. Maybe it won’t be so bad. Honestly, I really don’t care, as long as I pass it. I’m really hoping I pass it.

I signed up for all my hospital classes today. I feel like I signed up for a lot of them. I’m going to do the Comprehensive Childbirth Class, All About Infant Care Class, Infant/Child Safety & CPR Class, and the Breatfeeding Class. Maybe that’s what people normally sign up for, I don’t know. I just  feel clueless about a lot of things, so I think I need to learn as much as possible. These classes are all in September. I’m hoping they won’t be too overwhelming…or boring LOL.

Harper has been kicking more and more lately. The other day he did something and it literally took my breath away for a second. It felt like he rolled over or something. Whatever he did, it was powerful and I wasn’t expecting it. I’m glad no one was in the room with me because then I would’ve had to explain my sudden gasp for air. Today he kicked me and I actually saw my belly move. This made me happy. I’ve just been waiting for this to happen because Benji wants to be able to feel him move! I’m sure it’ll be a few more weeks before Benji can feel him, but just seeing my belly move assured me that it’s right around the corner. Yay! I love Harper so much. I get all giddy and stuff whenever he starts moving. It’s crazy how you can love someone that you’ve never even met.


3 thoughts on “Day 132 – July 9, 2010

  1. Nicole says:

    The test is no biggie. People complain about the taste of the drink but I think it tasted like a bad sunkist; not so bad you can’t drink it though. The day leading up to your test, keep your sugars to a minimum and you’ll do great.
    We did the comprehensive class and the CPR class. We retook the CPR class for the girls, mainly because they always seem to change something.
    The all about baby class will probably bore you, unless you feel better being overly informed 🙂

    • martianbaby says:

      Thanks Cole!! I’m actually going one step further and keeping my sugars low for this entire week. Amy Quitt suggested that to me. I’m kinda hating it. I just want some cake.

  2. Sunshyne says:

    I totally agree that the test is totally no big deal!! I thought the having to drink tons of water for the ultrasound was much worse 🙂 I personally still crave that silly orange drink. Just watch your sugars and I also watched my carb intake (b/c of the sugars in the carbs) and you should be fine. Good luck!

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