Day 135 – July 12, 2010

Well…it finally happened last night! Benji felt Harper. It was sweet. Harper was active all day yesterday. I had my arms folded over my stomach at church, and felt him move a few times during the service. That pretty much happened all day long. Last night, when we got home, I decided to drink some milk to see if he’d move. I’ve figured out that if I sit a certain way, I can almost always feel him from the outside in that position. So…I drank my milk, and then sat and sat and sat. It took a while, but he finally started moving, and I grabbed Benji’s hand, placed it on my stomach and sure enough, he felt him too! Yay.


One thought on “Day 135 – July 12, 2010

  1. Nicole says:

    Such an incredible feeling! YAY!!!

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