Day 156 – August 2, 2010

I haven’t updated since last week! As most of you know, Benji got the job in Memphis. Our life has been slightly chaotic ever since, so blogging was the last thing on my mind.

Just to update everyone, Benji started his new job today. We both decided that financially, it would be wise for me to stay in Tuscaloosa until Harper is born, the main reason being our insurance. We are both covered through my job. Benji will have insurance through his new job, but we think the pregnancy would be considered pre-existing and therefore would not be covered. Now, I still have to do some research on this, but as of right now, I’m staying put until November.

Benji left yesterday. It was terrible. I basically started crying as soon as I woke yesterday morning. It continued in random spurts at church. I cried after church. I cried when he left and continued to do so for about an hour after he was gone. It…was…awful. I’m not normally a cryer, but I sure did a lot of it yesterday. I’m pretty sure my cat was freaked out by it. It was the loud kind. You know, when you’re alone, and there is no one around to be freaked out by your sobs, so you just don’t hold back? Yeah…eh.

But…I feel MUCH better today. After praying about it, I feel peace. I think I just needed to get past the first day. Hopefully this next three months won’t be so bad. I’m sure with these raging hormones I’ll have more days where I just cry my eyes out, but I guess that’s just part of it.

Even though it sucks temporarily, I’m so so thankful that God has provided Benji with this amazing opportunity! I’m sure it’s going to lead to great things and I can’t wait to see where He takes us!


3 thoughts on “Day 156 – August 2, 2010

  1. Sunshyne says:

    One thing you might look into as well is Cobra coverage. It’s more expensive, but if you can swing it till Nov, you might look into. It would be the same insurance you have now. We did that when Tobin changed jobs right after Brodye was born. Just depends on how difficult the transition is for you being away from Benji and how much it’s worth money wise. Good luck 🙂 I can only imagine how difficult this part has to be being preggers and all… but God will get you through it.

  2. K. Adams says:

    Ashley . . . it doesn’t always feel like it in the moment, and I’d be willing to bet you have more tear-filled days — especially with pregnancy hormones helping out — but, you will look back and realize He was your strength and comfort. I pray that you feel it, at least some of the time, and trust even when you don’t. Love, love, love to you!!!

  3. I am so very very very proud of you! Trust me, I know how hard it is to be separated from the one you love, but it definitely gets easier. It was so hard being away from Roman for 8 months, but you make it work. Eventually time starts moving quicker, and it becomes more normal. The good news is that tomorrow will bring you closer to him than today, and today you were closer than yesterday. Just take a deep breath, keep yourself happy and healthy for the lil’ guy, and continue to trust in God, and things will be better for you. 🙂 Love you very much!

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