Day 159 – August 5, 2010

I really just don’t even have words right now….SO much has been happening. I thought that I’d have nothing to do while Benji was in Memphis, but this week has been jam-packed. Almost every night this week someone has come to look at our house. The lady who saw it last night decided she wants to rent it. She’s in a terrible situation right now. Basically, she was renting a home and the landlord was taking her rent payments, but not paying the mortgage, so the house she was living in is now in foreclosure. She has two children and is pretty much being forced out of her house through no fault of her own, so she needs somewhere to move ASAP. With that being her situation, Benji and I are going to go ahead and move out this weekend, so that she can move in on Sunday. This weekend is sure to be hectic.

God has made every single detail of this Memphis move work out so far, and now I’m trusting  Him to work out one more small detail – our pets. Our apartment in Memphis requires a $300 nonrefundable pet deposit per pet. On top of that, they charge a $20 monthly fee (again, per pet) to keep an animal in the apartment. If we were to take both Swiper and Mumbles with us, we would have to pay $600 for the deposit and then $40 a month to keep them – wowzers! That’s a lot!  We are trying to get someone to take our beloved pets so that we won’t have to take them to a shelter. I actually started crying today just thinking about sending them to the shelter. Our biggest concern right now is getting Swiper into a good home. If we can’t find a home for Mumbles, we will most likely try to take him with us and just pay the deposit and monthly fee. I just can’t stand the thought of putting him in a shelter. He freaks out in unfamiliar places…combine that with his age (4 yrs), and he would almost certainly have to be put down because no one would adopt him. Swiper would have a better chance at being adopted simply because he is beautiful, and he’s still a puppy (at least this is what I’m telling myself). I still don’t want to send him though. He had anxiety issues when he was in the shelter in Virginia and it caused him to lose hair. He got all better once he was out of there though. It just breaks my heart thinking about having to put him back into a place that he hates. He such a sweet dog. I wish we could keep him.

Anyways, please pray that we’ll be able to get him into a good home. Maybe it seems silly to pray for such a thing, but I believe God hears our prayers even when they are about our animals 🙂 Also, if you know of anyone who might be interested, please tell them about us!


2 thoughts on “Day 159 – August 5, 2010

  1. Nicole says:

    Let me know if you guys need help on Sunday with moving! We have a trailer, etc. We’ll be out of town Saturday but back Saturday night.

  2. K. Adams says:

    nothing is too silly to pray for, Ashley. so, I will join you in that. besides, I’d be crying over my furry children, too.

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