Day 164 – August 10, 2010

The weekend is over. Thank the Lord! We managed to get everything moved from t-town to Memphis. It would not have been possible without our parents and Stephen and Susanna Johnson. I think everyone had fun hanging out, but it was definitely exhausting.

My paw paw Frank is still with us. It’s actually amazing. They took him off of the ventilator Saturday night. At around 2AM on Sunday, they called all of my family to come to the hospital because they said he was about to pass. He didn’t. They told my family he wouldn’t make it to daybreak. He did. I went and visited him when I got back in town on Sunday night. He was completely out.  The breathing tubes were gone, but had been replaced with an oxygen mask. Last night his blood pressure kept dropping. It seemed like he would pass at any minute. At one point, the bottom number was at 25. I think a normal reading is between 60-80, or something like that. My aunt called me today. When I picked up, I was expecting her to say that he was gone, however, she sounded really excited and said she had great news. Apparently, paw paw Frank was sitting up and talking. They were able to take his oxygen mask off and had decided to move him to a normal room. Isn’t that incredible?!?! I’m just really pumped about it. Maybe he will recover from this after all!

Today marks the first day of my third trimester. I had my 28 week appointment today. I was expecting my blood pressure to be sky high with all the stress I’ve been dealing with lately, however, it was good. Praise the Lord. When the nurse put the doplar on my stomach to listen to Harper’s heartbeat, he kicked it and made it bounce. That made me giggle. I wish Benji could have been there to see it. Other than that, nothing much happened at my appt. I did gain three pounds this time around. I’m actually happy with that number, because I assumed it would be a little higher.

My maternity pictures are on Thursday. With all the stress and crap from last week, I have developed a cold sore – go figure. This would happen on the week of my pictures! I started treating it as soon as it developed though, so I’m hoping and praying that it will go away for my pictures. If not, maybe Mandii can work some photoshop magic LOL. I just need to find the perfect outfit now. I ordered one from that I liked, but it looks terrible on me, so now I have do some last minute shopping -ugh. I’m going all out for these pictures folks. I’m talking…pedicure, hair, make-up, smokin’ hot outfit, etc. It’s gonna be bangin’!

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