Day 172 – August 18, 2010

I haven’t been a very good blogger as of late, my apologies. This will be a lengthy post with lots of pictures.

My paw paw Frank passed away this morning. He was tough and held on for nearly two weeks after the doctors and nurses originally told us he wouldn’t make it through to the next day. While I do miss him, I am very happy that is no longer in pain.

One of my relatives posted a picture of him and my Mamaw Theo on Facebook today. I had never seen it before, but oh my goodness…it captures them perfectly:

They were married for 69 years and they were still so in love! I want to be like that after 69 years of marriage. Here is another one of my favorites of them:

They were two of the sweetest people I ever knew. Hopefully when I tell Harper about them, I can do them justice 🙂

This past Monday I had my 4D ultrasound. It was…interesting. I went in there just knowing that my son was going to be a perfect little angel and that he was going to cooperate. WRONG! He had his hands in front of his face for almost the entire time. It was funny because he was awake and dancing around ALL morning, but when I got to the doctor’s office, he was out like a light. He wouldn’t move for anything. The ultrasound lasted 20 minutes, and I’d say that the tech was violently shaking my belly for about 15 of those minutes. This did not phase him one bit! I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. It either means he’s a really sound sleeper or he is extremely stubborn. Knowing me and his daddy, I’d probably go with the latter.

Harper was adorable nonetheless. Towards the end, she was able to get him to move his hands momentarily She snapped a few shots quickly and then he moved them back into position. Here are a few of my favorites:

I think the next time around I may skip out on the 4D pictures. They are straight up torture because now I just want to hold him. All I can think about is getting to hold him!!! I mean, I was anxious to meet him already, but now it’s even worse. I blame it on his cheeks. They are chubby and cute. I just want to snuggle him! AH!

Last thing to update about: MATERNITY PICTURES!!! Last Thursday I met up with the incredible Mandii Erwin ( to get some pictures of my prego self. I had a blast! We went to Capitol Park in downtown Tuscaloosa and we also went to a location in downtown Northport. My BF Katie Lewis was nice enough to come along to help (THANK YOU!). It was friggin’ hot. I mean…I had a sweatstache pretty much the entire time, but it was well worth it. I knew the pictures would be good because Mandii is way WAY gifted in photography, but I was blown away when I saw them for the first time yesterday. There wasn’t a single one that I disliked – I loved them all! That’s a pretty big deal for me! I actually don’t think that’s ever happened for me before. There is always at least one photo that I don’t really care for, but not with these. I’m so glad that Harper and I will have them to look back on 🙂

Anyways, I posted a link to Mandii’s blog on my Facebook, but just in case any of you missed it, I’m posting the link here too:



One thought on “Day 172 – August 18, 2010

  1. Brandy says:

    i’m sayin’ it and it’s true…Harper most definetly has a dimple! =-) it cannot be denied. everytime i see his 4-D, the lil’ dent in his chin POPs out so clear and define. you are truly blessed…i’m so proud of you and benji…and i cannot wait to meet lil’ Harper. =-)

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