Day 178 – August 24, 2010

Look how big Harper is this week! It’s hard to believe there’s a baby that big in my belly. Sheesh!

Well folks, today marks 30 weeks. The whole time I’ve been pregnant, I’ve thought that once I arrived at 30 weeks, I would feel like my due date was really close, but now that I’m here, I don’t. I “know” it’s right around the corner, but it sure doesn’t feel that way! Boo.

I’ve been sleeping really well lately. As a result, I’ve actually slept long enough to have dreams and remember them. The night before last I dreamt about a killer tick. It was huge and killed off an entire family. Sounds funny, I know, but in my dream it was terrible. I cried about it. Anyways, this killer tick got loose in a theater and no one could find it. I kept thinking it was going to get on me and kill me, and then I woke up. Not a very pleasant dream.

Last night I had a dream that Harper was born. I had him on July 4th – weird, I know! After I gave birth to him, the doctor informed me that there was another one in there. What the heck?! So I ended up giving birth to two babies. Even though there were two babies, I still spent most of my time holding Harper. We just stared at each other and it seemed like we were the only ones in the room. It was a pretty great dream. I can’t wait to meet him for real.

So…I’ve been thinking for a long time about using cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers. Maybe I’m crazy, but they seem like a good idea to me – cheaper than disposables, better for the environment, and there won’t be any crazy chemicals to make Harper’s little butt break out.

Anyone have advice/tips they’d like to share with me? I already know NOTHING about baby stuff, so I’m especially clueless in the world of cloth diapers.


3 thoughts on “Day 178 – August 24, 2010

  1. Megg says:

    Oooh, pick me! I’m kinda lame and weird, but I know a lot about cloth diapers. However, since what I do know is pretty much: I want to use them, I don’t know a lot about brands and stuff. But I DO have a blog post(s) on it for yoU!

    I think it’s a good rundown of the types that are out there. I also think that, though it requires slightly more work, it’s much much better for your baby, plus there are some AWESOME cloth diaper patterns out there (who doesn’t want pirates on their kid’s bottom??) that are much more exciting than disposables.
    I hope you can get Benji behind this because I’m still working on my husband. Not that we’re pregnant. Any time soon. But I still think about this stuff. Because I’m weird.
    Megg (from UA)

    • martianbaby says:

      Thanks for the link and info Megg!! You’re not weird at all, you’re just a woman! I started be interested in cloth diapers about two years ago, and that was back when I had no idea when Benji and I would even have kids! I think you’re smart to figure some of that stuff out BEFORE you get pregnant. Trust me…nine months seems like a long time, but if flies, so if you can already have your mind made up about some of those things, it makes it easier 🙂

  2. Grace says:

    Hey Ashley,

    I am pretty sure mom used cloth diapers on me for awhile when I was a baby so you should talk to her about it. 🙂 She is always telling me and Sarah that we should so we would all be behind you 100%! 🙂

    Love you cousin,

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