Pregnancy is beautiful…and so are the cankles

Well…as promised about a month ago, here is a picture of my cankles.
Don’t laugh:

Ah…who am I kidding?! You guys can laugh. I mean…I laugh at them. To compare, here is a picture of my semi-normal tattooed foot (I say semi-normal because it’s still my foot during pregnancy) compared to my swollen tattooed foot:

Sorry the picture is fuzzy, but you get the point. My feet currently look like they belong to this guy:

I love that movie. Sigh. I have hope that my feet will return to normal one of these days. And just so everyone knows, I’m drinking PLENTY of water and it’s not helping. So there. I guess I’m past the point of being able to prevent the cankles. I’m just going to sit back and enjoy staring at them while they are here because they sure do look weird!

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy is beautiful…and so are the cankles

  1. Jessica says:

    Stay-Puff Marshmellow Man! He was totally NOT scary. He actually looked quite delicious… as do your feet right now. lol. Hang in there. Harper is almost here. The bigger your ankles… the closer he is!

  2. […] We would watch movies (or reruns of What Not to Wear!!), play video games, cook, laugh about my cankles, sing horrible songs by Carrie Underwood and Rihanna, talk about conspiracy theories, etc. – […]

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