10/10/10 – SA-weet!

Today would have been an awesome birthday for Harper! Our friends Dusty and Amy ended up having their baby today, and I am slightly jealous that they got the cool date LOL! We went by the hospital to visit them and it was torture! Little Harrison was absolutely adorable and it just made me want to meet Harper all the more! I know he’ll be here before we know it, but I’m having a hard time being patient.

Last night, our Tuscaloosa friends blessed us with a going away party/baby shower. It was awesome and we felt so loved! I sure am going to miss living here and being surrounded by so many wonderful people. I was expecting everyone to be bummed out at the party since Alabama lost, but people seemed to be in good spirits. Benji and I had our first childbirth class yesterday (it was actually supposed to be a couple of weeks ago, but got rescheduled) and he later said that it had put things in perspective for him, so he couldn’t get upset at the Alabama game. It was funny when he brought that up because I had been thinking the same thing during the game – why get upset over this silly football game? We have a baby on the way!!! I don’t know…it was just cute when he said that 🙂 He’s going to be such a wonderful daddy!

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