My Little Harp

It’s been a week since my little boy was born, and I’m finally starting to feel like myself again so I decided to blog about everything while it’s still sort of fresh on my mind. The past week has been…interesting. I guess I’ll make this post about Harper’s birth story.

It was a dark and stormy October night…

Okay, I’m not really going to start it that way, but I totally could seeing as how there were tornados everywhere while I was laboring in the hospital 🙂 Those of you who have kept up with my blog know that I was induced a week early due to my high blood pressure. I was admitted at 5PM on October 25th to start the process. I started having contractions later that night and between those and the stupid hospital bed, I pretty much stayed awake all night because I was so uncomfortable. The nurse came in once and gave me a shot of something amazing (it made me feel like I was flying) that allowed me to forget about the pain and sleep for about 2-3 hours. At 7AM the next morning, Dr. Smith came in and broke my water and started the pitocin which of course increased my contractions.

I can’t remember for sure what time I got the epidural, but I didn’t last very long. I think I asked for it at around 11AM maybe? I have a very high tolerance for pain, but ummm…those suckers HURT! The epidural wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It certainly didn’t feel good to have a needle put in my back, but it was much better than suffering through the contractions and it completely took away my pain…for a few hours. While it was working, I was in heaven, but it ended up wearing off three different times – that was pure hell! Each time, the anesthesiologist had to come in and redose me. The first time worked like a charm, second time worked a little, but by the third redosing, I was getting no relief. Luckily the third time was close to the end of the process so I didn’t have to deal with the pain for too long.

I dilated very slowly throughout the day. By 7PM that night I was only at 7cm. I was absolutely exhausted, mentally and physically and I was beginning to think Harper wouldn’t be born until the next day. At around 9PM, the doctor came back in and I just knew that I was going to be dilated past 7cm. With the pain I was dealing with, I didn’t see how it could be possible to not be dilated more than that, but when she checked, I hadn’t made any more progress. At this point, she started talking c-section. I went into the hospital being anti c-section, but at this point I was so exhausted and discouraged that I didn’t care how Harper arrived. The doctor said they would turn up the pitocin and wait another hour to give me a chance to make some progress, and if that didn’t work, I would have a c-section. The thought of waiting another hour in that pain sent me into tears. I felt terrible for crying in front of the doctor, because I didn’t want her to think I was upset with her. I was just tired. She was very compassionate about it though and shared with me that the exact same thing had happened with her delivery, so she completely understood how I was feeling. She made me feel a lot better about everything.

Surprisingly, an hour passed quickly. When the doctor came in, I had made no progress and was prepped for c-section. The anesthesiologist came back in to get me ready. After he was done, he asked me to move my legs, and I still could. He seemed surprised and I overheard him telling his assistant that I shouldn’t be able to move – not really what you want to hear when you’re about to be cut open. Then they started whispering. Again…not something you want to hear when you’re about to be cut open.

In the end, I didn’t feel anything during the c-section. It didn’t take long before I heard my sweet baby crying, which made me cry. And then they showed him to me. No words can describe what it’s like to see your child for the first time. It was the best of the best. I only saw him for about a minute or two before they took him away to be cleaned. They began the process of cleaning and stapling me up and this is the part where I started to feel again – ugh…why me? I told the OR peeps that I could feel them stapling me and within two minutes, I was out. The next thing I know, I’m in my room and Harper is beside me.

So…there it is. Harper’s birth story.

I tried not to go into the hospital with expectations, but honestly I did and nothing happened the way I expected it to. Thankfully though, the end result was a perfectly healthy and happy little boy and I love him so so much.

That’s all I’m going to write for now because I feel like I’ve already written a book 🙂


3 thoughts on “My Little Harp

  1. Gay says:

    Thank you Ashley for sharing all this….since I couldn’t be there…this was the next best thing….I am very proud of both you and Benji…your brought a very precious little life into the world and I know that God will watch over your little family….please keep in touch and send pictures…hopefully one day I will get to hold precious Harper in my arms….

    Love you!!


  2. Katie Lewis says:

    Love that opening line 😉 Harper is so absolutely perfect and we are so glad he’s finally here… Even of it was dark and stormy an even if it took a bazillion hours and even if Benji had to sleep in the Arctic! 🙂 I am sure you would do it all over again for him! I feel like now that he’s here, I have more liberty to say mushy things…. So I’m going to stop! But we love him and we love you and Benji and are so thankful everyone is happy and healthy!

    Katie & Blake

  3. Katie says:

    I love that opening line… 🙂

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