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2010 – What a year!

Since we are on vacation and the holidays are guaranteed to fly by, I figured I would go ahead and make a list of highlight moments from 2010.

January – Benji attempted to throw me a surprise birthday party. I found out about it. Go figure LOL

February – I found out I was pregnant!

March – I had my first ultrasound and got to hear Harper’s sweet little heartbeat. Avery Piper was born and that kid is SWEET!

April – I entered my mom into the Fix Momma’s Mouth contest which she ended up winning!

May – Benji applied for a job with Memphis City Schools after receiving an e-mail from them.

June – We found out we were having a boy!  Benji had the first of many interviews with Memphis City Schools, so we took a road trip to Memphis with Katie and Blake.

July –  Two of my best friends got engaged to the loves of their lives (Anna & Katie)!

August – Benji was hired to work with Memphis City Schools.  Benji graduated with his masters. We rented our house out. Benji moved to Memphis and I stayed behind in Tuscaloosa.

September – I was in a wreck that totaled my car – it wasn’t my fault!

October – Harper finally arrived – Obviously the BEST moment of the entire year!

November – I moved to Memphis…finally. We went to our first family gathering with Harper.  Harper got to meet his GREAT GREAT Grandmother. My friend Dusti got hitched!

December – We took a road trip to Virginia (still here actually!) and Harper got to meet the Martin side of the family. He is so loved.

It’s very hard to believe that this year is coming to a close. I say that every year. This year was beyond words. God has blessed us so much. He gave us a child this year and my how our hearts have grown! He provided a job for Benji in Memphis and worked everything out for us to be able to move there. When I had to stay behind in Tuscaloosa, he provided two awesome friends who took me into their home to live with them for THREE months! Living apart from Benji was hard, but not having to endure it alone sure helped a lot! God’s provision was definitely the theme for 2010. What a good year and what a GREAT God! How can I not be excited about 2011?! Bring it on.

Baby Fever

Ok…this is so so weird (and stupid), but I have baby fever. How can you have baby fever when you already have a baby?! I think its just because I miss being pregnant. That’s also weird. Ashley Martin misses being pregnant. I hated it when I was there, but now I miss it. WTH?

There was a point in the very beginning when I told Benji I would never ever have a baby again – that first week at home with little one ain’t no joke folks – but now, here we are seven weeks later and I don’t feel that way anymore. I think I may stick to my original plan of having 3-4 Martains, if Benji is game for it. It’ll be a circus, no doubt, but it’ll be our circus – no clowns allowed though.

I love when people randomly come up to us and say “the first few weeks are the hardest.” You have no idea how many times I’ve heard that at just the right moment. It’s like people can see the sleep deprivation taking us to crazy land. Thanks to anyone who offered such encouragement…it really did help me to hold on. And you were right! The first few weeks were the hardest. I think they are hard because the baby can’t smile until around week six, so you’re losing your mind without getting any sort of reward. Now…Harper can give us the worst stank diaper ever or he can be up all night, and some how, that precious smile makes it all okay! It’s great.

I really do love being a mommy. It’s absolutely the hardest (and most important) job I’ve ever had, but I’ve never been so blessed by work in my life. It’s incredible.