A couple of blog posts ago I said “bring it on” to the year 2011. Well…it brought itself alright. The very first week of this year changed my life. For better or for worse, I’m not sure yet. I guess it depends on how things pan out. I would say for worse just given the circumstances, but I hesitate to jump to that conclusion because of the God I serve. He has a way of causing good to come from things that were intended to harm.

Forgiveness. I’m really living it this week. I’m trying to give generously because I know that the measure I use will be the measure in which it is given to me, and lord knows I need a lot of forgiveness, but it’s hard. I find myself constantly having to check my thoughts. My heart and mind aren’t in line with the spirit a lot of times…especially this week. Unfortunately, emotions don’t disappear when you forgive someone, so this will definitely be a daily process.

This smile has made the past few days bearable. I’m thankful for Harp in a completely new way now. Thankful for him as a person and im thankful for the timing of his birth. I think that was intentional on God’s part. Harper has managed to bring a little bit of joy to me and my family even though we’re in the middle of a storm. I think God had that up his sleeve the entire time. I’m so glad that nothing takes Him by surprise.


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