Roll Out, Roll Out

So Harper rolled over for the first time today, and as a result, I’ve had the Ludacris song – ROLL OUT! – stuck in my head all day. Gosh, I love that song.

So yeah…HARPER ROLLED OVER!!! This probably doesn’t mean squat to you, if you don’t have a kid, but believe me…it’s a big deal! We were having tummy time and I decided to “help” him flip over a few times to see if feeling himself do it would help him to learn how to on his own. To my surprise, it worked! I flipped him over four or five times from stomach to back, and then I placed him on his belly to see if he’d do it on his own, and he did. Of course, I videoed and took pictures. I know, I’m a dork!

My computer is being stupid, and won’t show the video, but here are the pictures:

I’m one proud momma! I can’t believe he is already doing this. He is growing so fast!!!


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