A day in the life of Harper…

08:00 AM Wake up – Grubtime
08:30 AM


09:40 AM Naptime
11:00 AM Wake up – Playtime with Mommy
12:00 PM Grubtime
12:30 PM Naptime
02:00 PM Wake up  – Playtime/Go on a Walk with Mommy
03:00 PM Grubtime
03:30 PM Naptime
05:30 PM Wake up – Playtime with Daddy
07:00 PM Grubtime
07:30 PM Bedtime
04:30 AM Grubtime
08:00 AM Wake up & Start All Over Again!

So…this is what a day for Harper looks like. We started working towards having him on a set schedule around Christmas time and let me just tell you – it was one of the best decisions ever! We didn’t really have to do much, honestly, because by two months, he had really set his own schedule. Back then, he would wake up at the same time EVERY night – 2:30AM and 5:30AM – and I’m talking right on the dot folks. It was pretty amazing!

I love having a set schedule with him! I love it for three reasons: #1 It has given me my sanity back, #2 I almost always know why he is crying, #3 It allows me and Benji to have a set time together every night – 7:30PM until we go to bed. We usually use this time to watch our favorite TV shows, work on our puzzle, or read. It’s very refreshing!

That last reason is really responsible for bringing back my sanity 🙂 If Harper is having a particularly fussy day – like yesterday – I always know that 7:30PM isn’t too far off. Just knowing that really helps me get through the day sometimes LOL.

Although we were working towards having Harper on a set schedule two months ago, I didn’t really start scheduling his naps until about three weeks ago. I believe that having his naps at a set time each day has actually made a difference in the amount of time that he naps. Before I started scheduling them, he wouldn’t sleep for more than 30 minutes. Now he averages about 45 minutes to an hour, and sometimes he’ll even sleep two hours (I don’t let him go over that). Maybe 45-60 minutes doesn’t seem like much, but when you’re trying to keep the hizzle up, an hour is a whole lot longer than 30 minutes. What up?!

Okay…so this is a boring blog post, I know, but the main point of this blog is so I’ll have a reference next time a round. Since scheduling has made such a HUGE difference, I wanted to have post about it. Peace out.


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