I watched some videos of Harper today that I made when he first came home from the hospital and they totally made me cry. He has already grown and changed SO much! I just can’t believe it. I already miss the little newborn things that he used to do that are no more. Boy…I’m glad I had a video camera!

This got me thinking. How am I going to hold it together when he learns how to walk, says “I love you” for the first time, turns five, goes to kindergarten, loses his first tooth, learns to ride a bike, plays his first team sport, gets his first crush, learns how to drive, goes on his first date, works his first job, graduates, moves out and goes to college, says he’s found the one, gets married, has children…etc. I mean seriously…I could possibly spend the rest of my life crying LOL.

Motherhood is breaking my heart, but it’s so so good.

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