Harper’s First Easter

…was terrible. He usually wakes up to eat at 6AM. This morning he didn’t wake up until well after 7AM. Our mistake was letting him sleep that late. He got completely off of his schedule and by the time we got to church, he was ready for another nap. He got a small one, but it wasn’t enough apparently. He screamed pretty much the entire church service and although he was in the back, you could hear him loud and clear up front. Sigh. Benji got up and went to be with him at some point during the service, but that didn’t work so I decided I would go give it a try. As soon as he saw me, he decided he wanted to cry louder. He poked that little lip out and started tearin’ it up…my heart that is. There was a baptism service after church, but since Harp wouldn’t calm down, we had to go home. Needless to say, Benji & I were both disappointed. We got into the car feeling pretty frazzled and defeated. I’d love to say that we recovered and that we kept our eyes on the One who makes today great, but we didn’t. One of us made a comment about the Harper fiasco and then suddenly we were swimming in a sea of all our recent disappointments. It was overwhelming. A few hours and some perspective later, I’m realizing that was probably satan’s goal…and we fell for it.

Thankfully, today isn’t about me, Harper or Benji. It’s not about the fit Harper pitched at church. It’s not about how badly we miss living in Tuscaloosa. It’s not about where Benji works, or where he will work. It’s not about ANY of the big or small details of our lives that satan would like to consume us with. It’s about Jesus and the fact that he rose! It’s about the fact that it’s not over for us. Thinking about that can put a smile on anyone’s face, and it has certainly put a smile on mine! Satan loses, and it’s all because of what Christ did for us. Amazing.

Happy Easter everyone!



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