That’s right. This post is about baby poop. Stop reading here if that bothers you 🙂

Since Harper was about two months old, he has struggled with constipation. He was never a “regular pooper” – he would only go once every 4-5 days. This is apparently normal for some formula fed babies. Anyways, one night when Harper was two months old, he dirtied a diaper, and while changing him I noticed there was blood in it. I FREAKED OUT! I called our pediatrician’s after hours line and spoke with a nurse. I totally cried while on the phone with her, but I’m sure she’s used to that lol. She acted like it was no big deal and told me to start putting Karo syrup in his bottle.

The Karo syrup didn’t help a bit. I eventually started giving Harper more water in his bottle to see if that would help. It didn’t. I also changed his formula to see if that would help and had no luck there either! At Harper’s four month appointment, his pediatrician told me to start giving him a suppository every two days if he hadn’t already gone to the bathroom on his own by that time. He also told me I could start solids. I was excited to start solids because I wanted to try giving him apples, prunes, pears, etc. to see if any of those would help – big surprise…they didn’t!

By the time Harper’s six month appointment came around, he hadn’t actually gone to the bathroom on his own in two months! Even though I was giving him a suppository every two days, he would still occasionally have blood in his diaper and he would almost always cry when he went to the bathroom. I decided that I was going to talk to his pediatrician about putting him on some type of medication to help him since he was obviously in pain.

Before moving on, let’s list everything I tried before his six month appointment:
– Karo syrup
-Changing formula
-Apples, prunes, pears
-Apple juice and prune juice
-Extra water every day

Given all of the things I had tried, I figured it would be easy breezy to get Harper put on something. Wrong! I listed all of that for the pediatrician and the first thing he asks is “how much Karo syrup were you using?” I told him, and he seemed perplexed that it didn’t work. He then recommended that I try changing formula again. He recommended a formula that Harper had actually already been on and told me to call back in a week if it didn’t work. I figured what the heck…Harper has been dealing with this for four months, what is another week?

I call back a week later expecting them to put Harper on something this time. The nurse ended up calling and leaving me a voicemail saying that his pediatrician wanted me to try changing formulas AGAIN!!!!!!! At this point, I am beyond pissed. I don’t even bother calling back because I am so mad. It just so happens that I was talking to my lovely friend Susanna when all of this was going down. She tells me I should talk to our friend Melinda about it – she had told me this before, but I was always in Tuscaloosa and would forget by the time I got back home. Melinda is a mom AND a nurse and her son dealt with this issue too.

Without going into every little detail, I e-mailed Melinda and she told me that her pediatrician had put her son on Miralax – an OTC drug that helps with constipation. I decided to give it a try. There was a part of me that felt guilty for trying it without the pediatrician’s approval, but I figured I am Harper’s mother and I know him better than anyone else. At some point, you have to stop listening to other people and just go with your gut – so that’s what I did! I gave it to him for the first time Wednesday night and within 24 hours, Harper pooped on his own for the first time in like two months AND it was normal! He didn’t cry or anything. In fact, we didn’t even know he had dirtied his diaper until changing him for bedtime, because he didn’t strain or anything. It was a major success in my book!

I’ll end by saying that I am VERY glad I went with my gut. I am also glad for other moms who have walked this road ahead of me! If Melinda hadn’t experienced this with her son, I’d be buying Enfamil Nutramigen right now, which by the way is a bazillion dollars a can.


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