The Bird

No…this isn’t about THE bird. It’s about my bird…Harper 🙂 There are about a million and one names that I call my Harper. I don’t know why, but I very rarely call Harper by his name. Instead I call him by one of many nicknames that I have for him. Here are just a few:

Sweet Pie
Booger Bear
Bird and/or Little Bird
Pumpkin Pie
Harp Harp
Fussy Gus
Little Love
Silly Goose
Hun Bun
The Harpster

The list goes on and on. Y’all probably think I’m weird…especially because I call my son Booger Bear, but this post isn’t about that nickname unfortunately. It’s about why I call him bird. The reason is simple – he sounds like one.  He makes this high pitched squealing noise when he is playing! It’s the cutest thing ever! Occasionally, I’ll wake up at midnight to the sound of the Bird on the monitor. I love it. The other night he woke up at nine and started doing it, so I had to video it. Here it is:

Have I mentioned lately that I just love him? I can’t really blame the Duggars for having 19 of these. Harper makes me want a bazillion. So much joy. I love it.


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