I don’t want to be one of those folks that constantly changes blogs, but I’m thinking about switching to Blogspot. I’m bored with my WordPress layout, but there isn’t really much that can be done about it without dropping some cash – it’d be about $50 for a new layout. I’d have to pay WordPress $15ish for the ability to use my own code, and then I’d have to pay someone to design it. I don’t really have the time (or the tools) to design one myself.

I signed up for a blog through blogspot last night and I played around with the layout. It was super easy and it looks awesome too: I went ahead and posted once there just so I could see what it would look like. I’m happy with it, but I’m just not sure I want to change.  That would also be a hassle. Sigh.



One thought on “Blogs

  1. Melinda Hood says:

    There is SOOOO much you can do on blogspot and so many different backgrounds, effects, etc. you can use all for free!!! I LOVE it!!!

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