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Just some pictures…

I don’t really have time to write, but I wanted to post some more pictures from the last couple of days. I’ll post the pics from the 30 day photo challenge first:

Yeah…I kind of forgot about this one until late at night. It just so happened that I was walking through Target’s parking lot when I remembered and the lighting made a pretty great shadow on the ground.

I love this one. Benji and I watch the lightening bugs every night so I figured I’d capture them for the long exposure challenge. I really like how this picture turned out.

The next few were taken on the road going to our house:

I am seriously in love with this place. Everything is so beautiful. There’s so much space and air…it’s just glorious. I really hope that it never becomes “normal” to me. I nearly run off the road whenever I’m driving because I just can’t get enough of it. Seriously.

These last pictures are of me, Benji and Harper. We have a tree swing in our backyard so we’ve been spending a ton of time outside. These are from yesterday:

And there you have it. Sorry if I overwhelmed you. My laptop is broken at the moment (I’m using my brother-in-law’s) and I can’t make collages 🙂

Oh, and I think I may have a job…as a nanny. I’ll be caring for a nine month old little boy and Harper will be able to stay with me – so no daycare for him! I’m pretty pumped! I should know for sure by the 29th.

See ya.


We’re home. It took forever, but we are here – YAY! We are renting Benji’s uncle’s house and it is PERFECT! I had seen it five years ago, so I remembered it being cute, but it’s seriously wonderful. It’s old, spacious and just adorable! And…it has a tree swing in the backyard (which is HUGE)! I think I’m most excited about the swing. I could say a million things about the house…the yard…the mountains, but I’ll just post a collage instead (if you click on it, it gets bigger and you can see more detail..just FYI):

I’m in love. IN LOVE!

Okay…here are my 30 day photo challenge photos.

Yeah…I had to take this picture while on the road to VA.

Umm…all of our things were on the U-haul…so I just took a picture with our crap in the background. It looks so junky. I love it.

Aww…Mumbles. He looks so wise in this picture.

Okay. That’s it for now. I’ll update more later about the move. My heart is just overflowing. I have so much to say, but I really don’t even know where to begin.…this…place. I love my life.


I have never liked this state. I’m tempted to say I hate Tennessee, but I can hear Susanna saying “hate is a strong word” so for now I will just say I strongly dislike this state.

We began our trip to Virginia at noon yesterday. By midnight, we were still in Tennessee. If you guys don’t already know, it takes 12 hours to get to Virginia…not to stay in Tennessee! We had a lot of setbacks – one being that we got separated in Nashville. It took an hour to meet back up because of some music festival. There were more setbacks in between, but the last one was sitting in traffic for an hour on I-81 and only traveling two miles. This really made us mad because it was the second time we have done the traffic jam on 81 thing and it was essentially in the same spot! We have concluded that Tennessee is just inefficient when it comes to road/hwys.

We caved at about 1AM and just got a hotel. We’re going to try this leaving Tennessee thing again in a bit. I hope it works this time. Pray we get outta this state!!

30 Day Photo Challenge

Alright, I didn’t update yesterday because of ten on ten, but here are my photos from yesterday and today:

My MaMaw Theo made this. When I was little, she would let me help her make quilts. I love having her quilts around the house because they are a constant reminder of her.

Harper’s eyes aren’t THAT blue – duh! – but I wanted them to stand out, so I made them a little bit crazier than normal. I love his eyes!

So, those are my photos. I probably won’t update tomorrow. I actually don’t know when I’ll update again because after tomorrow, we will be living in Virginia and I’m not sure when/if we’ll have internet again. If it looks like we’re not going to get internet, I’ll go sit in a coffee shop somewhere to update my blog! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

If you think about it, pray for our trip tomorrow.


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Ten On Ten!

This wonderful little blog has a thing called Ten on Ten. Basically, on the tenth of the month, you take one photo per hour, for ten straight hours. I decided to take part in it today. I started taking pictures at nine this morning – it made the day go by very quickly! Here are my photos:

I’ll save my 30 day photo challenge picture for tomorrow 🙂 I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Day 9: Someone You Love

Today’s photo challenge was easy. The challenge was to take a photo of someone you love. Benji and Harper were the obvious choices, but Benji hates photos. Harper probably will too in time, but for now…he can’t really do anything about it 🙂

He kinda looks like he has makeup on doesn’t he? lol

I decided to take a photo of him during his afternoon nap. I love sneaking in for a peak while he is asleep.  I wonder if I’ll ever get over that. It’d be a little strange if he was 20 and I was still creeping into his room to watch him sleep.

Fred the Raccoon

We’ve been letting our cat, Mumbles, go outside a lot lately. Yesterday we moved his food bowl outside because he has been spending more time out than in. I put the bowl on our table in hopes that other cats wouldn’t find it. We went all day without having any other cats eat out of his bowl, so I thought it was a success. When Benji and I sat down for dinner, he happened to look outside and saw a freakin’ raccoon trying to get the food! Our table outside is glass, so Fred (yep…I named him) couldn’t figure out how to get the food (he never would step onto the glass…I’m guessing he couldn’t see it?). He was a determined little booger. Over a period of about 45 minutes he tried with all of his might to get into that bowl. He was chased off by Benji more than once, but would eventually come back and try again. He finally figured out how to get it, so we let him munch on it for a little while and then we scared him away again. In the end, Benji went and got the bowl to bring it back inside. He said while he was getting it, he could hear the raccoons (yeah…there were actually two – I just got the one on video though) hissing at him – eeeek!

You Shouldn’t Talk to Strangers…

Benji and I were just taking our daily walk with Harper when we were approached by the cutest little girl in the world. She was about six years old and had curly red hair and piercing blue eyes – beautiful! She was riding scooters with her sister…or “step-sister” as I was later told/corrected. The conversation went as follows:

RH: Can I see your baby?
ME: You sure can. His name is Harper.
SS: Carly, come on! You’re not supposed to talk to strangers.
RH: Oh, okay – rides away, and then comes back – Can you stay here so I can see your baby while I ride my scooter?
ME: Sure.
RH: Are you a stranger?
ME: Yes, but I’m the good kind. You should listen to your friend though. It’s smart not to talk to strangers. Are you both sisters?
RH: Yes!
SS: Well, we’re stepsisters.
RH: We look like twins sometimes because we have matching bathing-suits.
SS: Carly, come on. We should let these nice people be on their way.
RH: Okay. Bye!
SS: (While walking away) Those are like….the nicest strangers ever!

This made my day. I just love kids!

A Bad Habit

Yep. That’s today’s photo challenge:

I decided to go with booga pickin’ because it’s funny. Yeah…it’s also gross, but whateva.

So I found another awesome blog this morning. Let’s just say I’m going to be making headbands like crazy now! I made the headband that was posted to the blog and I added my flower from last night – so there are THREE flowers on my headband! Here ya go:

I have a feeling I will also start using this technique to make some jewelry in the very near future!

And that’s it for the crafts – I know you guys are probably tired of seeing crochet crap. I’ll try to only post craft stuff like once a week! It’s just SO fun! 🙂 Okay…BYE!