Beauty & Devastation

Today’s photo challenge was to take a picture of clouds. When I first went outside this morning, I thought I’d have to get a little creative because it was way way ugly outside and there wasn’t a cloud in sight. Benji and I took a trip to Hobby Lobby, and by the time we got home there were clouds everywhere. I decided to take a picture of the road going into my mom’s neighborhood. She lives in the Highland Forest area of Pleasant Grove. Our house missed being damaged by about 500 feet – it was a close call! Highland Forest only has one road to get in and out of the neighborhood, so everyone that lives there has to see the damage whenever they leave or return home.

I’ve had mixed feelings whenever I’ve seen a beautiful, sunny sky behind the destruction in Pleasant Grove and Tuscaloosa. I don’t know. It just seems so contradictory. When I went home the weekend after the storm, I got angry when I saw the beauty behind the devastation. I remember telling someone that I wanted to punch the sky because it shouldn’t have been that beautiful after so much loss. It was almost like the sun was laughing at everything.

When I drive through Pleasant Grove now, I appreciate the sunny background. It may not reflect the landscape, but it certainly reflects the spirit of this community. “Knocked down, but not destroyed” – that phrase always comes to mind. It’s so true of Pleasant Grove (and T-town). As it turns out, I’m thankful that the sky doesn’t match the landscape – can you imagine if it did? Yuck!

I hope you guys enjoy this photo as much as I do. It’s a beautiful reminder that while Pleasant Grove and Tuscaloosa will never be what they were, they will be beautiful again!

It’ll just be a new kind of beautiful!



One thought on “Beauty & Devastation

  1. Katie says:

    “A new kind of beautiful” – you got it.

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