Fred the Raccoon

We’ve been letting our cat, Mumbles, go outside a lot lately. Yesterday we moved his food bowl outside because he has been spending more time out than in. I put the bowl on our table in hopes that other cats wouldn’t find it. We went all day without having any other cats eat out of his bowl, so I thought it was a success. When Benji and I sat down for dinner, he happened to look outside and saw a freakin’ raccoon trying to get the food! Our table outside is glass, so Fred (yep…I named him) couldn’t figure out how to get the food (he never would step onto the glass…I’m guessing he couldn’t see it?). He was a determined little booger. Over a period of about 45 minutes he tried with all of his might to get into that bowl. He was chased off by Benji more than once, but would eventually come back and try again. He finally figured out how to get it, so we let him munch on it for a little while and then we scared him away again. In the end, Benji went and got the bowl to bring it back inside. He said while he was getting it, he could hear the raccoons (yeah…there were actually two – I just got the one on video though) hissing at him – eeeek!


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