You Shouldn’t Talk to Strangers…

Benji and I were just taking our daily walk with Harper when we were approached by the cutest little girl in the world. She was about six years old and had curly red hair and piercing blue eyes – beautiful! She was riding scooters with her sister…or “step-sister” as I was later told/corrected. The conversation went as follows:

RH: Can I see your baby?
ME: You sure can. His name is Harper.
SS: Carly, come on! You’re not supposed to talk to strangers.
RH: Oh, okay – rides away, and then comes back – Can you stay here so I can see your baby while I ride my scooter?
ME: Sure.
RH: Are you a stranger?
ME: Yes, but I’m the good kind. You should listen to your friend though. It’s smart not to talk to strangers. Are you both sisters?
RH: Yes!
SS: Well, we’re stepsisters.
RH: We look like twins sometimes because we have matching bathing-suits.
SS: Carly, come on. We should let these nice people be on their way.
RH: Okay. Bye!
SS: (While walking away) Those are like….the nicest strangers ever!

This made my day. I just love kids!

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