I have never liked this state. I’m tempted to say I hate Tennessee, but I can hear Susanna saying “hate is a strong word” so for now I will just say I strongly dislike this state.

We began our trip to Virginia at noon yesterday. By midnight, we were still in Tennessee. If you guys don’t already know, it takes 12 hours to get to Virginia…not to stay in Tennessee! We had a lot of setbacks – one being that we got separated in Nashville. It took an hour to meet back up because of some music festival. There were more setbacks in between, but the last one was sitting in traffic for an hour on I-81 and only traveling two miles. This really made us mad because it was the second time we have done the traffic jam on 81 thing and it was essentially in the same spot! We have concluded that Tennessee is just inefficient when it comes to road/hwys.

We caved at about 1AM and just got a hotel. We’re going to try this leaving Tennessee thing again in a bit. I hope it works this time. Pray we get outta this state!!

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