Just some pictures…

I don’t really have time to write, but I wanted to post some more pictures from the last couple of days. I’ll post the pics from the 30 day photo challenge first:

Yeah…I kind of forgot about this one until late at night. It just so happened that I was walking through Target’s parking lot when I remembered and the lighting made a pretty great shadow on the ground.

I love this one. Benji and I watch the lightening bugs every night so I figured I’d capture them for the long exposure challenge. I really like how this picture turned out.

The next few were taken on the road going to our house:

I am seriously in love with this place. Everything is so beautiful. There’s so much space and air…it’s just glorious. I really hope that it never becomes “normal” to me. I nearly run off the road whenever I’m driving because I just can’t get enough of it. Seriously.

These last pictures are of me, Benji and Harper. We have a tree swing in our backyard so we’ve been spending a ton of time outside. These are from yesterday:

And there you have it. Sorry if I overwhelmed you. My laptop is broken at the moment (I’m using my brother-in-law’s) and I can’t make collages 🙂

Oh, and I think I may have a job…as a nanny. I’ll be caring for a nine month old little boy and Harper will be able to stay with me – so no daycare for him! I’m pretty pumped! I should know for sure by the 29th.

See ya.

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