Good Medicine

Well. We got yet another rejection from one of Benji’s potential jobs yesterday. Needless to say, yesterday was a bad day for both of us. We spent the day allowing ourselves to feel down and out about it (to grieve, talk about fears, whatever you want to call it!), and then this morning, we got over it. We decided we were going to have a family day outside the home. It was good great medicine! Here’s a picture:

I forgot to mention above that we went to Shenandoah National Park. It’s only about ten miles away from our house, so it was an easy decision. We didn’t regret it. The SNP is about 100 miles long – we only drove 25 miles into it. There were several neat stops along the way, like the one pictured above. This was taken near a little amphitheater that was set up in the woods and let me just tell you…it was B-E-A-utiful (as you can tell from the picture)!

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it in previous blog posts, but the people here are amazing. While we were stopped at the amphitheater, we met an older couple and their adorable fluffy dog. We talked to them for about ten minutes before meeting another hiker. She was alone and seemed to be a “permanent” hiker. She knew all the ins and outs of the SNP (like where to get cellphone service, and where an outlet was located at the nearby visitor center that you could use to recharge your cellphone, if it was dead). Benji said she was crazy, but I liked her. I think he thought she was crazy because after the older couple left, she informed us that she had “accidentally gotten a handful of butt” at the visitor center while she was there charging her phone. The butt just so happened to belong to the man we had just been talking to. She had apologized to them as they were walking off, but that was before she explained the accidental butt grab to us, so we didn’t know what she was apologizing for lol.

At another stop, I was trying to get a picture of the three of us with the mountains in the background. I had my iPhone so I thought it would be an easy task. Wrong. While attempting to take the picture, a woman pulled over and offered to take it for me. See?! The people here are just great. Anyways, here are the rest of the pictures, in collage form of course!

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