No title could do this week justice, so I’m skipping the title portion of this blog post.

On Monday, neither of us had any hope of employment for the near future. Fortunately, God always seems to work when things seem impossible, and by Wednesday, Benji and I were both employed! Both of our jobs are exactly what we were hoping and praying for – Benji got a position in his field and I got a job caring for a four month old little girl. Not only will Harper be able to stay with me during the day, but he’ll also get to interact with another baby. I am SO excited about this! The little girl, I’ll just call her P here, is sweet as pie. I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with her twice now and she is a doll! I seriously can’t wait for August!

Benji’s job starts in August too. He will be working at Western Albemarle High School, which is in the top 2% of High Schools in the country – awesome, huh? You want to know another neat fact? The saxophone player from Dave Mathews Band graduated from there. I just think that’s cool. I’m really excited that Benji got hired to work for a high school because we can go to all the games and events! I think we’re going to have a lot of fun with this!

 I feel so giddy. It’s just amazing watching all of the details fall into place. Before moving here, I prayed for a place to live, employment, and to be able to have Harp with me during the day – all have been answered! I also prayed another big prayer and I probably spent more time on this one than all of the other ones: I prayed for God to provide us with friendships.

Today we decided to hike to Humpback Rock. We’ve both been dreaming of taking our children up there before we even had Harp, so it was surreal to have him with us! He was fantastic too! He so loves being outside! I’m thankful for that! Here is a little collage of our pictures:

It’s a relatively short hike, but it is steep and kicks my butt every time! As you can see from the pictures, Benji had Harper on his back. On our journey back down, we passed a couple with two little boys. One was two and the other was eleven months old. The dad, Seth, was carrying the eleven month old on his back, so when we passed them, both couples had a good laugh. Seth said “I don’t feel so sorry for myself now!” after seeing Benji with Harp. We talked to them for a good 15 minutes and in that time we learned that they had once attended Inverness Vineyard in Birmingham, Alabama (we attended the Tuscaloosa Vineyard when we lived in T-town) – small world! We ended up exchanging digits with them and agreed to hang out soon. So…there’s yet another prayer answered, and we didn’t even have to do anything!

Thanks Jesus. For everything. 🙂


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