Baby Sign Language

Forewarning. This is a shameless bragging post.

I forgot to update about Harper signing for the first time! He did it about a month ago while we were staying at my mom’s house. I started signing to him (at about 3 mos.) whenever I would give him a bottle. I used the sign for milk instead of the sign for bottle because it’s just easier. I was just beginning to wonder if he would ever start signing back and had actually thought about quitting (it was a bit tiresome to sign E-V-E-R-Y time he ate). And then he did it.

He wasn’t due for a bottle for another 30 minutes. It was around 11:30AM so I decided to go ahead and eat lunch and then feed him afterwards. When I sat down and began eating, I noticed that he was looking very intently at me. He began to look back and forth between me and my plate and started doing the sign for milk. It took me a minute to realize what he was doing. I asked ‘Do you want a bottle?” to which he replied with a whimper (aka YES, MA!! FEED ME NOW WOMAN!!). It…was…amazing! and so exciting!! I’m so glad I didn’t give up!

We are in the process of teaching him more signs (mommy, daddy, nap, finished, diaper, more, etc), but it has been great being able to communicate with him with just that one sign! A couple of weeks ago, he started waking up a lot at night. I wasn’t sure if it was teething or just a growth spurt, but he answered the question for me by telling me he was hungry at 2AM one morning. I assumed maybe he had soiled his diaper, but when I went in to change him, he started signing for milk. He did this two nights in a row and then started sleeping through the night again. Growth spurts are fun. Not.

So yeah…the signing thing is AWESOME! Right now he thinks the sign for milk means food – he doesn’t realize it’s just for milk. If he wants puffs, he’ll do the sign. If he wants a bottle, he’ll do the sign. If he just wants more, he’ll do the sign. Etc. Here’s a video of him asking for more puffs:

If you’ve ever thought about doing sign language with your baby…DO IT!!! It’s crazy cool being able to communicate with them even though they can’t speak. I downloaded an app on my iPhone that helped me. It has over 300 signs – it’s called Smart Hands! 🙂


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