The Photo Bomber

Harper’s “photo bombing” is never intentional. I’m not sure he can really be considered a photo bomber since he doesn’t actually plan it out, but I like calling him that anyways. This is just one of several pictures he has bombed. Most peeps probably wouldn’t want to frame this, but I do! It’s real…that’s why I love it. Don’t get me wrong, a smiley one would’ve been just as real, but there’s just something about this photo that speaks to me. I think it captures parenthood perfectly – ya know…going with the flow when things aren’t going as planned because well…they NEVER do go as planned when you have a little one (at least that’s been the case for us so far lol). Anyways…I’ll cherish this photo forever, and I imagine Harp will have a good laugh at it one day too.

If any of you are wondering why he is crying, here’s the scoop. I put him down for his 9AM nap and he played instead of sleeping. These photos were scheduled for 11AM, so by the time they rolled around, he was WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY grumpy! That’s life 🙂

Here are two of my other favs from our photo session with Kathryn Adams (Our Tiny Big Life):

^^^He reminds me of a dove in this photo. I just love it. So sweet, gentle and innocent.

^^^ I love his hair in this one (it’s just like his daddy’s)…and the fact that he is sucking his thumb.

 Kathryn, thanks so much for capturing my life and my loves! You did an awesome job!


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