Growing Boy.

Last night I sat down to blog about my soon-to-be ten month old, but got distracted and ended up not doing it…opps. I had a smallish freak out moment this past Friday because I realized in one week, Harp will be ten months old. That leaves two months to plan his birthday party. When Friday rolled around, I hadn’t really done anything besides pinning birthday ideas on Pinterest. I had a lot of ideas for invitations, cakes/cupcakes, party favors, etc. but I had one major problem – I didn’t actually know where I was going to have the party. Our house is a great size for us, but it wouldn’t be suitable for his birthday party. Not having a location was the main reason I hadn’t done any “real” planning, but on Friday, I decided I needed to do something beyond Pinterest!

Pretty much out of nowhere, the idea to have Harp’s party at a local pumpkin patch came to me. His birthday is in late October and a lot of the kids attending will be older children, so having it at at a pumpkin patch would be perfect! I wasn’t sure if pumpkin patch farms do birthdays, but I researched it and luck would have it that the one closest to our house does – thank you, Jesus! Through just a couple of e-mails, I managed to get a date booked – Yippee! It’s a really great price and they pretty much do everything for you. The package includes a party hostess, themed decorations, plates, cups, napkins, etc. They also provide cupcakes/donuts and each child attending gets to pick a pumpkin from the patch to take home – it was just too good of a deal to turn down. This leaves me with sending out invites (I’ll probably make them myself) and getting/making his personal birthday cake. So it’s going to be easy breezy and I am WAY excited!

Here are some things Harp has going on for him nowadays:

* He has four new teeth coming in on the top row. Two (his k-9s) are already through the gums and the other two are just beneath them, but visible. He also has one coming through on the bottom row. They all started coming in at the same time, but he has managed fairly well…thank goodness! I didn’t want a repeat of Mother’s Day weekend 🙂

* He appears to have a favorite color. Any time we give him a choice, he always picks green. It’s really cute.

* He has super curly hair. He’ll probably need a haircut soon, but I’m going to let it grow out because I think little boys with long hair are adorable.

* He is very verbal. He isn’t saying words just yet (beyond da da), but when he is mad or upset, he’ll make a series of noises and it sounds just like he is yelling at you. It’s hilarious!

* The kid hates having his diaper changed. Oh…my…gosh. Throws a fit every time.

* He’s starting to pull on us to stand up. This is really neat because he hasn’t started crawling yet. I’m beginning to think he may skip that stage (Benji did).

*If you take anything away from him, he gets very upset…and he lets you know about it.

*He loves to swing with mommy and daddy

*The last one is actually a little annoying…especially when we are out to eat. If he sees anyone eating, he wants to eat…even if he has just eaten and is full. I made a video of him doing this tonight. He had already eaten and Benji and I sat down to eat and well…he didn’t like it:

So…there you have it! I can’t believe he is about to be TEN months old! Time is flying!!

Nite y’all.


One thought on “Growing Boy.

  1. kristy says:

    That is the cutest pic ever of Harper 🙂 That is so freaking awesome about the pumpkin patch! UGH! Why cant we live closer to you?!

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