New (smaller) Clothes.

So. Today I went clothes shopping for the first time since starting Weight Watchers. Let me just start off by saying that I am just like any other girl when it comes to loving clothes/shoes. I am not like any other girl when it comes to shopping, though. I…hate…shopping! With a passion. This has resulted in a pretty plain wardrobe for me. It’s kind of funny because if you look atย “My Style Pinboard”ย ย on Pinterest, you will see what kind of clothing I really like. None of those items are actually in my closet though because I’ve been too lazy (and scared, honestly) to try anything different.

While trying on clothes today, I was pleased to learn that I could fit my arse into a size 18 pair of pants. Before starting Weight Watchers, I was wearing a size 20 (sometimes 22) in pants and a 2X in tops. I know this sounds ridiculous, but today was the first day I actually saw the progress I’ve made. I’ve watched the number on the scale go down every day, but I haven’t actually “felt” smaller. Today I looked in the mirror and saw it though. It felt good….REAL good.

I started out picking the usual clothing items for myself – flowy/baggy crap that hides my waist line – but when I realized I was down a couple sizes, I got a boost of confidence to try on some different items:

The blouse in the middle is an example of what I usually pick out, and what I felt most comfortable in – I just feel hidden when I wear stuff like that. The first outfit is something I die for when I see it on other girls. I’ve never given that style a chance for myself though (because of my fat rolls). I really didn’t think it would fit when I was trying it on today, but it did. I wasn’t completely happy with how my hips looked in it, but figured that was a problem that Spanx could fix and bought it anyways. My next challenge will be to actually wear it out in public – scary! The third outfit is mostly just different for me because of the color. I love yellow, but I never wear it! I try to stick with darker colors in order to hide my figure ๐Ÿ™‚

So there you have it. I’m a lil’ smaller. I tried on different clothing styles and colors. And apparently I like to stand with my hand on my hip. Sassy girl.


10 thoughts on “New (smaller) Clothes.

  1. woah hottie. You look AMAZING!!!!!!

  2. Katie Ball says:

    Umm…. yes, yes, and yes! You are definitely looking more trim. The first outfit – let’s just say SEXY MAMA!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I even like the shirt in the middle – definitely “you” but it still shows off your sassy figure!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Lookin’ good!!

  3. Misty says:

    The funny thing is even though the second shirt is more comfortable, the first and third outfits really fit you in a way that is so flattering. So just know that you look good, and you should feel good about it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • martianbaby says:

      Thanks MB! Well I bought all of the outfits and I am going to make myself wear them! At one point in time, I wouldn’t wear sleeveless because I was so self-conscious of my arms. I got over that, so I’m going to make myself get over this too!

  4. Melinda Hood says:

    I love that dress on you!!!! It looks great as do the other outfits!!! You are really looking great!!

  5. kristy says:

    Attention Ash: YOU LOOK AMAZING! I really am loving that yellow shirt. Does it tie in a bow at the neck?!

    I mean really, i think you are HOTT ๐Ÿ˜‰

    ps: I miss you! We need a phone date soon! Love you.

  6. Katie Ball says:

    Okay I know I already commented BUT! I read this article about a young mother (w/ 3 kids) and her husband who were out flying one day (husband had his pilot’s license) and their plane crashed and burned. They survived, but she had burns on 80% of her body – some of the worst scars on her arms. In this article, she told about a night when she was at her son’s PTA meeting, hot and sweaty b/c she was wearing a sweater to cover her arms. A friend suggested she remove the sweater, and long story short, she did. Then, her little boy climbed into her lap and she wrapped her arms around him… and realized that even though her arms (and her body) were not as beautiful as she wished, this was the body that carried her babies and those were the arms that cuddled her sweet babies. How sweet is that!? So… love your body… it has produced a miracle (and hopefully more miracles in the future!!). ๐Ÿ™‚ Okay, no more comments. I promise!

  7. […] Iโ€™m so glad Ashley shared about this, because itโ€™s great motivation for me. And Iโ€™m proud of how far she has come! Hope you all enjoyed reading her story, and if youโ€™d like to see a little more about her Weight Watchers journey so far, you can read about it here and here. […]

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